Genoglyphix is a proprietary web-based data visualization software program for use by laboratories performing microarray analysis. The program was designed by cytogeneticists in order to:

  • View all important cytogenetic data simultaneously
  • Follow a simple workflow to complete a classification of all copy gains and losses
  • Maintain a history of case findings

One key feature of the software that benefits the customer is the interactive browser. Genoglyphix' interactive browser incorporates multiple public databases which include:

  • OMIM
  • UCSC
  • PubMed
  • DGV
  • Ensembl

Along with these public databases, the interactive browser also helps bring context to your results by providing access to Signature Genomics' data which includes

  • A Database of over 14,000 abnormalities identified by over 55,000 cases
  • Over 200 regions of syndromic coverage
  • Over 80 regions of population variance
  • The SGL GPS track created by our board certified Genetic Counselors

To learn more about Genoglyphix, email us to schedule a demonstration!

Signature Genomics Genome Browser

Check out a Sneak Peek of Genoglyphix by viewing our Signature Genomics Genome Browser!

Signature Genomics has made a limited version of its Genoglyphix Interactive Browser available to the public, come see what the Signature Genomics Genome Browser is all about!

Signature Genomics Genome Browser allows the ability to populate gene content, CNV, publication and sequence data for your region of interest with multiple search options. These include:

Search by Genomic Coordinates
Select a chromosome and then enter the starting and ending base pair coordinates
Search by Chromosome Band
Simply enter a chromosome band or band prefix, for example 2p23.3 or 2p2 for all bands beginning with 2p2.
Search by Gene
Enter the full name of the gene or part of the name for a list of all genes available for viewing
Search for BAC ID
Enter the BAC ID, for example: RP11-316L10

For more information on how to incorporate Genoglyphix into your laboratory, please contact us at

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