The SignatureChip® Oligo Solution™ (SignatureChipOS®) oligonucleotide-based microarray was specifically designed, developed and validated by cytogeneticists for clinical applications.

The SignatureChipOS® covers every region known to be involved in cytogenetic abnormalities, including over 255 recognized genetic syndromes, over 980 gene regions of functional significance in human development, the pericentromeric regions, and the subtelomeres.

Suggested uses for this microarray include cases with:

  • Autism/autism spectrum disorders
  • Cognitive impairment/developmental delay
  • Multiple congenital anomalies
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Dysmorphic features
  • Seizure disorders
Many abnormalities detected by the SignatureChipOS® can be visualized by FISH. FISH visualization is essential for accurate diagnosis and determination of recurrence risks; it provides information about the nature and causative mechanism of the chromosome alteration. This offers you and your patients unparalleled information that you can use for diagnosis and accurate genetic counseling.

SignatureChipOS® features

  • This oligonucleotide-based microarray evaluates over 255 recognized genetic syndromes, over 980 gene regions of functional significance in human development, plus subtelomeric and pericentromeric regions. (View syndromes tested by the SignatureChipOS®)
  • Probes along the X and Y chromosomes detect sex chromosome numerical abnormalities

SignatureChipOS® + SNP

SNP microarray analysis can be ordered to run concurrently with the SignatureChipOS®.  SNP microarray testing can provide a level of detection beyond what copy number analysis can provide in the assessment and diagnosis of disorders that may be caused by absence of heterozygosity (AOH).
The suggested uses for the SignatureChipOS® + SNP microarray include all of the uses listed above, plus:
  • Clinical suspicion of risk for AOH-related disorders
    • Imprinting-associated disorders*
    • Autosomal recessive disorders due to shared parental ancestry
  • Clinical suspicion of triploidy

*If an imprinting-associated disorder is the primary diagnosis being considered, other types of testing are more appropriate.

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